AZ METROLOGY has extensive experience in this sector as it has been working in it since the launch of its first models. In the world of wind energy, it has been a leader
in the provision of metrology services at a national level.It has also carried out measurements with all the market’s leading manufacturers for the approval of components, suppliers and wind turbines.

AZ METROLOGY has implemented measurement systems for large parts and has developed specific systems for many of them, acquiring important experience in the measurement of cast and machined components.It has the resources necessary to carry out measurements of blade moulds, blades, hubs, towers, shafts, frames, tools, etc., doing so where and when the customer requires it.

AZ METROLOGY has likewise participated in the adjustment and approval of solar and solar thermal installations, thanks to laser systems it has managed to adjust, level and orient the structures so that they can achieve their maximum performance.


AZ METROLOGY‘S effort to always be at the cutting edge of measurement services has led it to work for the biggest energy groups, setting up hydroelectric plants, in cogeneration systems or in the nuclear industry, including the maintenance of all these systems.
Assembly, maintenance and repairs of turbines in hydroelectric and cogeneration plants