AZ Metrology provides a testing laboratory with accreditations by ENAC and accreditation nº 1158/LE2212 in conformity with the EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard

Metrologia-ENAC-acreditadaWhich advantages offers an accredited test report to a company?

  • Guarantees reliable results
  • Enables the comparison of results
  • Supports the decision making
  • Positions your business in a favourable way
  • Makes your company different from your competitors
  • Increases acceptance in new markets

Why is the laboratory accreditation so important for AZ Metrology?

The accreditation guarantees the adaptation of a Quality Management System for these aspects:

  • The analysis and testing are carried out by qualified personnel.
  • The control of the used measuring and test equipment.
  • Procedural systematic working approach according to recognised standards.
  • Intercomparision at an international scale with the final objective to ensure the validity of the obtained results

The ENAC accreditations are recognized in over 50 countries, as ENAC is a signatory of the Mutual Recognition Agreements arranged on an international level between accreditation bodies all over the world. These agreements include practically the whole of the EU, USA, Canada, Japan, China and Australia, only to mention some of them.


AZ METROLOGY is a company with a marked innovative spirit, specialised in measurement services and engineering. It is the only services company at a national level capable of providing global solutions for companies in the most demanding sectors: automotive, renewable energy, aeronautics, energy, maritime, machining and manufacturing of machine tools.


AZ METROLOGY uses innovation to provide all the services related to measurement, quality assurance and industrial design. It has the capacity to participate in all the stages of the industrial process, from the design to the final approval of the product, including all the stages involved: receipt of raw materials, tools, manufacture, subcontracting, assembly and final certification.

Under this premise, AZ METROLOGY contributes much added value for its customers, increasing the efficacy and efficiency of the quality and engineering departments.


It has a wide range of services and an innovative concept in the provision of services; its main goal is to listen to and satisfy the needs of its customers. The main advantages offered by AZ METROLOGY are flexibility, the ability to work when and where the customer requires it, experience and technical skills in industrial processes.

These advantages and the continuous investment in R&D&i for measurement systems have led AZ METROLOGY to be a leader in the provision of measurement services, quality assurance and engineering.